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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CCRM consultation appointment made!

My wonderful friend who has been an out-of-state patient with CCRM made a pretty compelling argument for us doing a consult with CCRM and the Houston clinic. DH and I discussed at length last night and here's what we've come up with for reasons for out-of-state treatment:
(1) I'm no spring chicken. I'm 35 and only getting older. Now usually I don't get at all down about getting older (you know I love being in my 30's! and for sure the older I get the wiser I've become) but the reality is that it's only going to get more and more difficult to get preggers as I get older. And we're currently dealing with "unexplained infertility" that probably has nothing to do with our CF carrier status. So it may not be the best idea to do an IVF cycle with my local RE first then move on tot he experts if that doesn't work as that could set us back months, by which time I'll be 36...

(2) traveling during an already stressful time (IVF cycle) will add stress, sure. And the costs for last minute flights and hotels will add up. But the out of state clinics are in-network (and our local RE is not) so the money we would pay as co-pay for our local RE can go towards flights, hotels, etc. And traveling to Co could be fun -- I haven't been as an adult and DH has never been. And we have friends in the area we could hopefully see. Same with Houston.

(3) if  IVF #1 doesn't work we'll be much more upset with ourselves if we go through all that with local RE. If we're at CCRM or Houston, we'll at least feel like we're in good hands. If we're with our local RE, we'll just loose that much more faith in him.

So I went ahead and scheduled an initial consult with Dr. Surrey at CCRM!!! The appointment isn't until January which means more waiting. But hey being a member of the IF club means becoming an expert in waiting, right?

In the meantime, DH and I have dinner scheduled tonight with the couple who did an IVF with our local RE and who also looked into CCRM and Houston so we're very much looking forward to hearing about their experience with the local RE as well as which Houston clinic they recommend, how they picked one (there are several in Houston--unlike here where we have 1 RE for the entire city).

And this AM I went to spin class for the first time since starting the terminated IVF cycle (it's recommended that one not do vigorous exercise while doing an IVF cycle). I didn't realize how much I missed it until I was there. So I can look forward to working out again while waiting.


  1. This is wonderful news! Sounds like you are making a step in the right direction. Glad to hear your spinning again, too. Exercise is such a great way to unwind and let go of some of that stress!
    Also, I went to the website for CCRM and saw that they offer Acupuncture at the facility. Might be something you want to look into leading up to your first appointment. I wonder if insurance would cover it?

    Here is the link to CCRM's acupuncture.

  2. Hi there, am new to follwing your blog.all the luck in the world to you and hope we can support eachother

  3. Yay for the consults!

  4. Lisa - yes my understanding is acu is a part of standard treatment at CCRM. My local RE discouraged us from doing it because he said the data are mixed regarding its efficacy. So I'm definitely curious/excited to see what CCRM doc has to say about it.

    Anniep - couldn't have done it without you!

    clewis - thanks so much for your support! Will definitely check out your blog. And will cross my fingers for you that your 2ww ends in happy news!