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Friday, December 10, 2010

Introduction - our TTC journey thus far

Hi! I'm starting this blog as a way to help me cope with the trials and tribulations associated with TTC. So I thought I'd start with a bit of background. DH and I have been married for nearly 5 years. We've been TTC for over 1.5 years. Neither of us has any children or any prior pregnancies.

Early on, though, we realized that my luteal phases were short (determined through temping and tracking as suggested by Fertility Awareness Method - a book on which you can find here: Oh, am I also suffer from "old age" in the land of TTC - I'm 35.

My OBGYN suggested Clomid, which we used for one month - BFN.

We then started treatment with our RE. We've had:
4 IUI's with Clomid and HCG trigger shot - all BFN's.
3 IUI's with stems and HCG trigger shot - all BFN's.

We were going to start our first IVF cycle last month. In preparation, my RE tested me to rule out CF carrier status. But I tested positive. As did DH, which my RE was not expecting given the rates are so low. Rates are so low for both partners as carriers, in fact, that my RE has never had a couple in which both were CF carriers. DH and I are the first.

So first IVF cycle was terminated after 1.5 months back on BCP but just before we were to start stims.

We've met with a geneticist who explained the genes side of it all to us. We've met with our RE to find out how our CF carrier status will impact future IVF cycles. Basically, RE will now try to get as many follies as possible (aiming for 15-20) to get as many eggs as possible to try to get as many embryos as possible. We will then have PGD to try to ID embryos that do not have CF (i.e., those embryos that have either no or just one copy of the CF mutation) so we can implant only those embryos that won't have CF (i.e., two copies of the genetic mutation).

My RE has very little experience with PGD, only doing 2-3 per year. So they will bring in an expert to do the biopsies and then take the samples to an out of state lab for testing.

So that's been our journey thus far in a nutshell (without descriptions of the emotional journey associated with this rollercoaster ride).

We're now waiting to hear from our RE whether we can start an IVF cycle when I start my next cycle (end of this month) or whether we need to wait and do mapping of our genes for the PGD.

I'll keep you posted...

Any words of support, advice on PGD and/or IVF, etc are very welcome. I'm also happy to answer any questions anyone may have about any of this.


  1. Hey there. Here from Stirrup Queens. (Gotta love Mel!)

    Going into our third cycle with PGD (one frozen and one fresh...) I guess I'm kind of a "veteran". Ours is for different reasons, but is there just the same.

    I'm actually a big fan, to tell you the truth. Aside from the astronomical cost, I like what it provides. We know we are most likely transferring genetically normal embryos. We do it on day 5, so we have more info on how the embryos are progressing and a shorter beta wait.

    If you read my story, you'll see that it still doesn't always add up to a successful pregnancy... but I'm a data person, so having so much information is part of what keeps me going.

  2. Hi! Found your blog via lost and found. It caught my eye because of the CF factor. I myself have CF and went through IF. Just wanted to say hello and I wish ya'll the best of luck with the PGD!

  3. Good luck to you! Gabby at Adventures in Glass did the same thing and now she has wonderful twins!

  4. Thank you ladies for your words of support!

    Just Me -- g/l with your IVF! I'll definitely check out your blog.

    KatieM and Cheryl -- So happy to hear success stories! :)

  5. So happy to see you have decided on this route of not only informing us of what's going on with this journey, but as expressing your feelings. I see so much strength from you and your DH. Love and support to you from way up North!