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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Met with couple who had IVF with local RE

DH and I just met with the lovely couple who is now happily pregnant via IUI with our local RE but who had failed IVFs with the same RE. In retrospect, they are less frustrated with RE than they were when going through it. But they both enthusiastically endorsed us going to CCRM or Houston. Their thoughts were similar to ours -- if we can go with the best and try to minimize our chances of further IF then why not. And although they too think our RE is a very nice man who is definitely interested in getting us pregnant, they did have some very big disappointments during their IVFs with him (I won't go into details because it's not my story to tell but there were some definite hardships along the way). Anyway, in a nutshell even though it worked out for them in the end if they could do it all over again, they said they would have gone to out of state clinic sooner.

Done and done. I'm convinced. Will look into scheduling consult with Houston clinic as well so we can explore our options.

One thing that I have found just absolutely amazing during this entire process is how supportive people have been. No one expects to be in the IF club. But once I found myself a card-carrying member, I realized that not only is the club not as exclusive as I thought it would be (more people than I realized are/have also struggled with IF) but it's a very tight-knit club of men and women who care for each other, take care of each other, support each other, share info with each other, etc. Here we were tonight, asking these people we barely know intimate details about their attempts to get pregnant and they were very happy to share whatever info they could, offer whatever advice they could, and provide words of comfort and support. It was wonderful.

I'm so thankful to them (and to all the other IF club members we've talked to so far) for being so open, strong, honest, vulnerable, supportive, sharing, and caring. Each and every one of the IF club members I've spoken with has just been wonderful role models for us through this process. I don't know how we would've gotten this far without them.


  1. I know what you mean, I never expected to be here, by here I am. fertility treatment, who would have thought. but it is great to get all this support through blogs

  2. So excited to hear this! Can not wait to hear about the next steps on this path. We love you!