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Monday, December 13, 2010

to seek out of state IF treatment?

The meeting with our RE in which we found out that he only does 2-3 PGDs per year and has never had a couple in which both are CF carriers worries me. That, combined with the fact that he didn't even test us for CF carrier status until the IVF (and after 7 IUIs!) makes me worried that he may not be the best RE for us.

I luckily have a wonderful friend who has shared a lot of info regarding her experience going to CCRM in Colorado. CCRM has some of the best stats in the country and is consistently rated the #1 IF clinic in the U.S. And they have a lot of experience with out of state patients.

And the great news is that they are in-network for us!!! Which is huge. We know we are very lucky that our insurance covers IF treatment but couldn't believe it that CCRM is in our network. Their lab isn't and the costs to travel to Co wouldn't be included but still. To work with REs who know what they're doing and have expertise in dealing with genetic issues. It's very tempting.

I'm hoping to talk with a friend of a friend here in town who had an IVF with our RE to learn more about her experience. And if it's as bad as I remember from talking with her about it previously, I think DH and I will seriously consider CCRM. Will keep you posted...

If anyone has experience with CCRM or out-of-state IF treatment, I'd love your thoughts on this!

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  1. SOOOO happy to hear that CCRM is in-network with you! That is VERY exciting news! I recall you saying that this was one of the few places that you had hoped you could work through...and them being in-network is HUGE! Hooray for good news.