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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


OK it's finally hitting us that this is really happening! So we're planning our trip. Tonight. Yeah. How's that for the last minute?!? Denial much?

So here's the plan. I did get it together enough to plan to see a good friend from high school who lives in the area for dinner. So excited to see her and her family!!!

Additionally, we're thinking skiing. Not something we get to do much where we live now. DH has never been and I've only gone like twice in VT. We're thinking Eldora although neither of us is super excited about a whole day long lesson. We were hoping for a morning lesson then the afternoon on our own.

We may also have to check out the Buckhorn Exchange because, seriously, how Colorado is that place?!?

The depending on the weather and what's open we may take the train up Pike's peak or go hiking in one of the many parks in the area. Of course we want to see Co Springs and Garden of the Gods but we'll probably save those for our Spring trip (although GOTG may not even be open then depending on when we go) .

Suggestions for other things to do in the Denver area very welcome.

Will keep you posted!


  1. Yay!!!!!!! Happy travels tomorrow! Very excited for you both!

  2. So happy to see you are taking advantage of checking out Colorado. Can't wait to hear all about it. HUGS! ;0)