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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feeling better about RGI

Just got some great advice from a wonderful, brilliant MD friend who pointed out the following to assuage my concerns about going to RGI:

1. Having a different RE do the ER and FET is not uncommon in larger practices. DH and I have been working with the same RE for the past year (and he does all the procedures -- u/s, TT, IUIs, IVF) so it seemed weird to not have the same RE do it all for our CCRM IVF. But totally makes sense that at larger clinic, odds of having same RE are way smaller. So even if we stayed at CCRM for the entire IVF, we could end up with different RE's for ER and FET.
2. Regarding the embies being frozen 2x -- one of my CCRM group buddies also considered PGD. However, she was told that the PGD would work differently than what I was told. Long story short, they would only freeze/thaw the embies 1x prior to FET in her case. Can't imagine they would do something different in our case given that PGD is PGD is PGD. So something we'll ask about during our work-up appointment.

My friend also pointed out that we may want to advocate to get the comprehensive CGH to test all our chromosomes for issues related to advanced maternal age. DH and I talked it over and agree that makes total sense. Seems silly to do the PGD to increase our chances of healthy baby and not do CGH to also increase chances for healthy baby. Or at the very least, potentially get info to explain why we're not getting preggers if there's a chromosomal reason for our IF. And our insurance is so amazing that they may even cover some of that too so it may cost us even less than the $4000 CGH typically costs. We'll definitely tell Dr. S that we want that too when we go  up there in a couple weeks.

So the emotional rollercoaster continues. Was really down earlier this week about how complicated our IF treatment situation had become. But now feeling like yes it's complicated but not insurmountably so. And I have a wonderfully supportive DH and amazingly supportive friends and family to get me through it during the low points on the rollercoaster ride.

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  1. I think it's a great idea to do CGH (now called CCS), that will garantee you that you will only put back normal embryos. Doing CCS really increases your chances. Sometimes great looking embryos may be abnormal inside and not so good looking may be perfect. I am so glad you are considering it! :-)