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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RGI not in network :(

So we found out yesterday that RGI (the Chicago clinic that CCRM recommended to our PGD and FET) is not in network. This makes us way less excited. I was already disappointed that Dr. S from CCRM wasn't going to do the FET but that we'd be goign to a totally new and unknown to us RE for the FET (so a total stranger would be getting me pregnant. It just seemed weird). But now knowing that we'll have to pay out of pocket for it makes it even less appealing...And I know I should complain about that too much as I know most people's insurance doesn't pay for ANY of their IF treatment so we are lucky ours covers what it covers. But still...there seem to be quite a few negatives piling up:

1. our precious little embryos will be frozen and thawed 2x rather than 1x
2. lack of continuity of care by the same RE -- CCRM RE in Co will monitor stims and do ER & a RGI RE in Chicago (who I will have never met) will do FET.
3. we'll have to pay out of pocket for FET by RGI when I would have been covered at CCRM if we didn't need the PGD.

So I'm starting to get a bit apprehensive about it all. And sad that it's not going very smoothly for us. I was hoping that once we transferred to CCRM, the experts would take over and things would feel easier. In some ways however they feel more complicated.

I think I'll call CCRM and ask whether there's any chance to do the FET with them. Keep our little embryos at CCRM the entire time, have CCRM biopsy and send cells to RGI for PGD, do just 1 freeze/thaw, and do FET at CCRM. That would be my preference...

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