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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trip to CCRM booked!!!

We just booked our trip to CCRM! Got the hotel, car rental, and flights. And it's actually not all that expensive which is an added bonus.

The cheap rates may be due to the fact that the high is currently 24 degrees in Lone Tree, Co. Brrr.....But the plus side will be that perhaps DH and I can go skiing while we're there. DH has never been skiing (growing up in South Florida makes skiing difficult!) and I've only gone a handful of times so would definitely be something novel for us.

I'm so excited I just want to fast-forward to the 28th so we can have our appointment and find out if there are diagnosable reasons why we haven't gotten pregnant yet.

But there are other things I will need to do in the meantime (e.g., pap, mammogram) so I won't be in total waiting limbo. Still steps to take. Things to do to feel proactive about this process. Which is probably one of the most frustrating things about being in this holding pattern of no longer TTC is that I feel like time is passing us by. So tasks is good. A plan (going to CCRM, having a list of what tests we'll be doing, etc) is awesome!

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