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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ah...the rollercoaster....

Things have been going so well with CCRM that I let myself forget that IF treatment is a roller coaster of emotions. And we were riding high for a a bit too long it seems. Our roller coaster has a few bumps -- we got good news and bad news today.

Bad news is that I was under some delusion that we would be able to start my IVF cycle when AF comes mid-Feb. This would mean FET in May so the process would be from Jan (consult) to May/June (preg test). I just found out from my CCRM nurse that they won't actually write my treatment plan until CD3 which means treatment won't start until mid-March, meaning this process drags out another month. I was expecting to get started sooner than this so am very disappointed and need to do some mental adjustments re: my expectations etc.

Annoyingly Quest didn't send in my test results to CCRM yesterday (after promising they would) so I have to follow up with that. And my GYN's office didn't send in mammogram results (after promising they would).So I have to follow up with them. But I guess I don't have to do it as urgently as I thought given the cycle wont' start until a month after I thought it would.

Good news - some of my test results came back. Anti-sperm antibody test negative. My AMH is a little low (mine is 1.0 and they like it to be at least 1.1). So some indication of low ovarian reserve. But my nurse doesn't think this will compromise my chance of success esp in light of my 17 baseline follies. Oh and I don't have any STDs (no shocker there). Also the cramping and spotting I'm experiencing as a result of my hystoscopy are normal which is comforting (although still not comfortable).

Will keep you posted...

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