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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and just when I was getting down, some good news

AF came today!!! Why is this exciting?!? It means CD3 is Friday so we can go to our local RE for the blood work rather than having to try to explain to the less-than-helpful people at Quest that we need the blood drawn and spun to serum but not run through testing (as we'll freeze the serum and ship to CCRM for testing). And my local RE's office is willing to do the whole serum thing. Yay and yay!

Strangely, my local RE's office also won't do my SMA carrier test either (nor would Quest or Labcorps). Seems it's perhaps a southern thing or a weird thing with my city/state that they won't do this particular genetic test. Weird. So I'll see whether CCRM can use my serum to test for this as well.

But now is not for dwelling on what my local RE won't do. Now is for rejoicing that AF came today and not tomorrow. Who would've thought when I started this process that I'd be rejoicing when AF came?!? Ah how things have changed.


  1. Glad to have found your blog. I need to try to get CF testing for both my husband and I as well. They think he is a carrier just because of his SA. They don't think I am but better safe than sorry. Best Wishes!