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Friday, February 11, 2011

CD3 blood draw - check

Went to my local RE's office this AM for my CD 3 blood draw. The way it works with CCRM is they want to run the labs (for quality control. Which makes sense given that those of us from out of town are going to CCRM bc our local REs aren't working for us which suggests there's something wrong with the way they do things). So CCRM asks that we find someone locally who can draw the blood then separate out the serum. We then take the serum home, freeze it, and ship it to CCRM.

I'm nervous that I'm going to jinx it by saying this but the blood draw with the local RE's office went very smoothly. I was very happy that the nurse who drew my blood was the one that's my favorite there (she worked closely with us during the IUI's and was the one who gave me the CF test results -- and I think was crying for us when she did -- she's very sweet!). Having her do the draw made it much less awkward I think than if one of the other nurses did it. And luckily I didn't see my local RE there, so I got to avoid that awkward interaction on this trip.

So my serum is in my freezer. Because they don't accept Sat shipments, I'll ship it on Monday for Tuesday testing. I have regroup with Dr. S on Wed so I hope everything gets in on time. The regroup will be a phone consult in which Dr. S tells us his impressions based on our test results and will discuss our personalized (!)  treatment plan. So excited!


  1. Watch out for any vampires that may lurk outside your home til Monday. :0)