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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Co Trip Recap

Garden of the Gods
I apologize for the short blogs while in Co. My mobile option is to text blog entries so I'm limited by the number of characters allowed by text.

Here's a brief summary of the trip:
Friday 7:30AM - 4:00PM: An entire day of meetings and testing at CCRM. And it was non-stop! We almost missed lunch because we had so many meetings and tests. The meetings included meeting with my RE (Dr. Surrey) so that he could answer any questions we may have had since our phone consult. We asked whether we could have the FET at CCRM given CCRM is in-network for me and RGI isn't. No dice. FET at RGI it is then!

Garden of the Gods
We also met with a genetics counselor who explained how they will coordinate with RGI. Also explained that since we want to do CCS and PGD, the blasts will be biopsied twice -- once at CCRM to do the CCS. Then any genetically healthy blasts will be shipped to RGI for the PGD.

I had an u/s to make sure there were no uterine abnormalities that may interfere with blasts ability to implant. I also had a test where we got to listen to the blood flow around my uterus to make sure I don't have high or low uterine BP. It was very cool to both get to see my uterus (they had a big screen TV facing me and DH so we could see everything) and to hear my blood pumping! And happily all tests were normal. Interestingly, it looked like I had just ovulated. Which is interesting as I'm not on any meds so it suggests I can in fact ovulate on my own. Not that it matters anymore given we've decided we will never try to get preg without IVF and PGD but still it felt good to know that my body is working right at least some of the time.

During the u/s, they also counted my follies. This gives them a sense of how many follies I'm capable of making each month. They saw SEVENTEEN! This is very exciting because it means that we have a greater chance of having some fertilize and that some of those will pass the CCS and PGD tests. So cross your fingers for us for when we do the IVF that most of these develop.

They also did a trial transfer which allowed Dr. S to also look at my uterus to rule out abnormalities (all looked good). However, this test continues to haunt me. He opened my cervix so he could pass a tube through there with a camera so he could actually see my uterus. It wasn't comfortable but it was manageable. But wow I continue to have mad cramping. Last night I awoke at 4:30AM in such pain I thought I had screwed up my antibiotics (to prevent infection given there was scraping etc while in there) and was going to need to go to the hospital. So here's hoping this heals up quick so I can finally catch up on my sleep.

Red Rocks Park
We haven't gotten as many test results back as I thought we would by now. DH doesn't have any STD's (no shocker there). His SA results were mostly good as I posted earlier -- his numbers are very high and morphology and mobility good. The only test result that came back somewhat low for him was that test sperm speed when they place in the dish (it was good then) and again 2 hours later. Turns out DH's boys are sprinters not marathon runners as his two hour test results were slow. So this may at least partially explain why IUI's and trying naturally haven't worked. Which is exciting. Wouldn't that be great if that's been our problem all along?!? Because this problem is totally fixable by IVF as we're getting ICSI (because of the CCS and PGD). ICSI is where they will inject a healthy looking sperm directly into the egg. So speed won't be an issue. Let's hope this is our problem!

In addition to the 6 vials of blood I gave at CCRM Friday I gave another 12 this AM locally to test for some things we can do here and thus covered by insurance. Should get the ones I did today back today although this is just CBC etc so won't reveal anything new. Oh and my mammogram was normal so we're good to go there.

Once we get the results from our blood tests, we can schedule our cycle. I'm biting my nails because on Friday they informed us that they are almost totally booked for the next couple of months so we may have to wait :( I don't want to wait so I'm hoping to get results back in time to get penciled in to start when AF comes in a couple week.

The other issue is insurance. Turns out that CCRM's lab isn't in network. We knew this going into this. What we didn't know was just how much of an IVF takes place in the lab versus in the clinic. So we're actually going to end up paying much more than we thought we would. We can swing it but we were definitely not prepared for that news! Because RGI is also out of network for us. And CCS and ICSI aren't covered by insurance as they are experimental procedures. So we're looking at $10,000-15,000 out of pocket. Will hopefully get reimbursed for some of that though so I'm not complaining just sharing.

Dinner at Buckhorn Express (yes it was a meat fest)
So we didn't go skiing but opted to do free things around Denver/Co Springs to start saving our pennies. The pictures are some of the sights we saw while there. We also went to Buckhorn Express Friday night to celebrate that we had our one day work up! Not surprisingly given the decor, there was not a vegetarian option on the menu so it was truly a meat fest. But a fun way to celebrate. We went to Garden of the Gods and Red Rocks Park, both of which were very cool. We also had a lovely dinner with a friend from high school. It was so good to see her and to meet her family.

I'll keep you posted on test results and scheduling. Keep on sending us those good, healthy vibes and good scheduling karma!


  1. I've been checking (way too often) for an update on how your trip went! What'd you think of them?!?

    And I'd DEFINITELY let your nurse/ Dr. Surrey know about the cramping and all that after the mock transfer...

    It surprised me that they're that booked up. (well, I guess not, since they're the best and all, but STILL....)

    Fx (fingers crossed) for more good test results coming your way...

  2. K -- Yes we LOVED them! I love Dr. Surrey! And our nurse (Rachel K)! The entire experience was wonderful. It felt so good to work with doctors and nurses who really made a effort to include us in the process, make sure we understand everything they are doing and why, are available to answer questions, etc.

    I've put in a call to my nurse to see if they've gotten more test results (And thus I can get penciled in!) and to tell her about the cramping and continued bleeding. Thanks for encouraging me to do that. I'm one who tends to think I should just suck it up and be in pain. Silly I know!