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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OK the info keeps pouring in. Turns out my somewhat high TSH test was enough to prompt Dr. S to prescribe me meds to try to get my thyroid on track. I'll start taking meds tonight. Will be re-checked the week of 2/23 to see if I'm responding to the medication. The meds are safe in pregnancy so they will want me to stay on them through pregnancy should I get pregnant. Wacky.

It's so nice to finally be getting some answers as to why we haven't gotten our BFP yet! Although it's scary to find out things are wrong it's reassuring to know what those things are and how they can be treated.

oh how I love CCRM!


  1. Sorry about the news but it's so much better to get answers than to be in the dark wondering why things are not working. The good thing is that a pill will probably fix the problem :-)

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