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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes 4 states (LA, CO, IL, OH) to make ours

We had our RGI phone consult today. Very informative. Got a better sense of the timeline for the FET. RGI would actulaly like two cycles before I start meds to prep for the FET. So we're looking at June or July for FET. I'm very disappointed this keeps getting more and more stretched out. Seems like our "IVF cycle" will go from January (CCRM phone consult) to July-ish. There's one h*ll of a long cycle!

But cognitive restructuring -- doing it right takes time.

So here's what we learned. Long story short, they have received my and DH's blood. They can now start mapping our genes. They also want a semen sample from DH to help with the mapping and oral swabs from my parents to help map my genes. My wonderful parents have agreed to provide said samples. I'm now trying to think of ways we can involve everyone in the making of our babies! :)

Luckily no one has to go to Chicago to do any of this testing. Samples can be collected at everyone's home and shipped to RGI.

More good news - RGI doesn't want our embies to be biopsied twice either. They've been really encouraging CCRM to do the CCS and PGD biopsies at CCRM and then just ship the biopsied embies and samples to RGI for testing and FET. Although there's no data RGI knows of suggesting that biopsying 2x will dramatically increase odds of damaging embie, they'd prefer to not take that chance if they don't have to. They said they hope to hear by end of this week what CCRM's verdict on this will be.

In other news, my Vit D test came back a bit low (not surprising). So I've been prescribed 1,000 of Vit D in addition to my prenatal so that my body is as healthy as possible for pregnancy should we get to that point.

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