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Monday, February 7, 2011

Local RE will do our bloodwork and u/s!

Great news! DH called our local RE today and they agreed to do our ultra sounds and blood work during our IVF cycle! After all the problems we've had trying to get bloodwork done by our local Quest, DH's GP, and my OB-GYN, this is wonderful news. We can now rest a bit easier knowing we won't have to work so hard to get people to do things for us in the quick manner necessary during IVF treatment, given our RE's office is set up to respond quickly during IVF cycles. Whew!


  1. So happy for you!!! ;0)

  2. YAY! That's a huge relief! You might also want to ask them if/what their weekend policy is- my (crappy) local RE would only do the bloodwork / u/s's on the weekends for 'their' patients. Again, they totally sucked... :\