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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

more poking

Because there's never a dull moment when TTC -- even when the cycle doesn't start for 1.5 months. Today I got blood drawn to test my TSH levels (will get results probably tomorrow). Checking to see if I'm responding to the synthroid or whether they need to up my does (I'm on the smallest dose right now).

Went to Labcorps (after DH and I both had unpleasant experiences with Quest). I hate to jinx it, but it seemed way more professional than Quest. I was in and out in no time even though I didn't have an appointment. And the woman who drew my blood actually knew what the test was for (unlike Quest where they didn't know what any of the tests were which resulted in much confusion, delays etc).

I've been re-adjusting my expectations so that I no longer think I will start my IVF cycle when AF comes but rather will start in April. I'm trying to focus on the good side of the delay -- more time for my TSH and Vit D levels to get where they should be. More time to get in shape before getting preg. All these things are good. Means healthy environment for the baby/babies. And it means I can have a guilt-free bloody mary for Mardi Gras! :)

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