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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More waiting...

I'm feeling discouraged and frustrated today. We've gotten so many different answers regarding when my IVF cycle will start. RGI told us it could start next month and then they would do the PGD on the frozen biopsied cells once they had the genetic markers.  However, CCRM told me today that they won't do my calendar until the markers are ready! Which means I may have to wait yet another month -- starting the cycle in April. It doesn't make any sense to me -- the embies and the biopsied cells will be frozen. There's no need I can understand for waiting to do ER until the markers are ready. They can remain frozen until the markers are ready. I'd like us to go ahead and do ER ASAP so we can see if DH and I can even fert an egg. If we can't get that far, markers won't do us much good.

I'm also wishing they would have just told me up front that they would need the markers before they could make a calendar. Instead, Dr. Surrey told me that my nurse would make me a calendar right after our post-ODWU regroup. The nurse also then told me she'd get me a calender that week. And they knew then I'd be doing PGD. I feel like if they would have told me then I'd be waiting another month, I could have processed that, mourned the lost time, and moved on. Now I feel frustrated.

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