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Thursday, February 3, 2011

No updates yet

For those of you stalking the site to see if there are any new results in today (and I love you for it!) just wanted to let you know the answer is no. No new news. Other than that no labs in this city are willing to do my SMA carrier test. Seriously. Quest called CCRM and told them no they won't do it. Labcorps won't do it either. Weird. So if I want it done I may have to see my local RE who we still haven't told we're going to CCRM. But the more I'm dealing with labs and other docs here the more I'm thinking that it may be easiest to coordinate my local care with my local RE (it took my OB-Gyn's office three days to return my call asking whether they do same-day blood tests. That will obviously not work). Assuming he'll do it. Luckily DH has agreed to be the one to make that phone call as I want to be as separate from it as possible. I'm dealing with enough right now. Not that DH isn't but the scales are not balanced in terms of the procedures (and sacrifices! ah alcohol, how I miss you so...) so negotiating with the local RE will be one of DH's procedures.


  1. I ended up going to my old RE for everything as well. It wasn't my first option but I called several places and they didn't seem very nice or efficient, so I ended up going to my old RE that happens to be Dr. Surrey's brother. I did not want to do that, but ended up there, it was a bit awkward at the beginning but it ended up being OK. GL!

  2. And yes! I'm with you on the sacrifices that we make. No comparison! My dh is right now working out while I'm laying in bed feeling super bloated and nauseous... It's good you are engaging him on things, I do the same and he feels more part of the process that way and more invested too. Win-win situation.