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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Once again disappointed with the non-CCRM medical community

A big thanks to AnnieP for suggesting we find out if local RE will do blood draws etc on weekends.
For Saturday appointments they will see us if they are coming in anyways but will not make special arrangements to come in just for us.  We would need to call week of to see if they will be willing to see us on a Saturday. Jerks. I mean we're still paying them for the service. And they have made a crapload of money off us from our SEVEN IUI's. 

So I worry this means we may still need a back-up in case we need blood draws and u/s's on weekends during the IVF cycle. And if we have to go someplace else as a back up, why see my out-of-network local RE who won't even see us on weekends?!?

I was warned that prepping for ER would become a full-time job. What I wasn't expecting was that IVF planning would become a part- to full-time job before the IVF cycle even started! We've spent so much time on the phone trying to find out why test results haven't been sent to CCRM, find someone to draw bloods, do u/s's, etc. It's been incredibly frustrating. My cognitive restructuring is that this will only last a few more months and hopefully all the hard work will pay out in the end...


  1. Ok, SO GLAD I thought to mention this to you!!! It seriously took me FOUR cycles to get my CD3 and 10 to fall on M-F when the lab was open, b/c they wouldn't do it on the weekends for me. Eventually I heard from someone that one lab in Westerville would do it and I showed up there on CD3 w/ my kit and all, AND freshly (warm) baked cookies. I cried. I begged. They said they wouldn't couldn't shouldn't do it... BUT THEY DID.

    Once that finally got done and Dr Surrey got the results, I was out there in 2 weeks doing my stim cycle.

    With TTC #2 here, he wanted me to repeat that blasted CCCT test, so I just booked a flight out there and was going to be there for CD 3-10 b/c it was simply quicker and easier than messing w/ the crap here for it.
    Um, then I was out there and AF never showed... (m/c'd that one at 8w, but that's kinda besides the point...)
    TTC#2 AGAIN last July and I finally got my OB and her lab to run the serums for me, even if it was on a weekend. And again... AF never showed.

    SO, long story short- I have a shipping kit here if you need one, or if you need another one for anything! :D

  2. When I was out of town and needed a blood draw for my RE they sent me to a Quest diagnostics. I guess they're all over the place. It was very easy, they just needed paperwork from my RE. Is there a Quest near you?

  3. Other than the weekend issue, the issue w/ most labs was that once they take a blood sample it becomes 'their property', and they won't give it back to you. For the CCRM stuff they request a blood draw that has to be spun to serum, then you have to get it back, freeze and ship it to them for the test(s) to be run in their lab for quality control reasons. Makes sense... but is a COMPLETE pain in the butt to do.