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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today I'm in need of a little inspiration. A friend posted this on her FB page and I thought it was great. So I'm posting here to share with my fellow TTC ladies:

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed."
Booker T. Washington

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Delay of Game

Bad news. Results from my suppression check this AM were not good. My estradiol was 75.3 and they like it under 50. The elevation could indicate a cyst. But my local RE didn't give CCRM exact measurements of my follies for Dr. Surrey to be able to see whether a cyst is likely so it's currently a mystery.

The good news is that my local RE thought all looked good. But then why the elevated estradiol?

So the current plan is to do another suppression check test on Friday morning with my local RE. If the ol' estradiol is below 50 then, game on. If not, or if it looks like I have a cyst based on follie size, we cancel for this month.

Best case is that Friday test results come back good and we move forward with just a 2 day delay (as I'm to delay stims until we get Friday's results). Then I'd still just go to Co this weekend to play with my brother and SIL. It means I'll be in Co a few days longer but that's OK. I've got work stuff covered in the event that I'm there longer than the tentative 4/11 ER date. Worst case is that we cancel this month. But we'll cross that bridge Friday should it come to that.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Headed to CO this week

I head to Co this Saturday! Time is really flying by. I've scheduled all our CCRM appointments, travel arrangements, and even some fun, sight-seeing things to do while there. I'll post some of the travel info to the right for other CCRM ladies who may want some travel tips.

My brother and SIL are definitely coming and will be there almost the entire time we'll be there. So excited that we get to spend time with them. And that in this way they will be involved with the making of our babies by keeping us company during this time.

To my ladies who've been to CCRM and/or had IVF's -- any suggestions for things to pack, buy, do etc during the 1.5-2 weeks we'll be in Denver?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Co travel plans set

Not too much new to report today. But wanted to let everyone know that my brother and SIL are definitely coming to Denver! They are arriving the same day I am so we'll have lots of time to play before I feel too bloated from follies to do much sight seeing. So excited!!!

We've got travel plans set. We'll be staying at the Candlewood Suites. Our suite has a kitchenette so we can cook some meals to save on calories and expenses by not eating out for every meal. And it's close to CCRM for our early morning appointments. I'll try to be good about posting info on the hotel when I'm there for other ladies who may consider staying there for their ER.

Continuing to take Lupron shots and dex. So far no major side effects. I'm moodier than usual which could be the drugs or could be that I'm tired from my part-time job of IVF-planning. Otherwise, we're sailing right along toward our IVF!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time flies?!?

Normally TTC is all about waiting -- waiting for doc appointments, 2ww, waiting for shots to be over...

But holy crap I just found out that FET may be as soon as May!!! whoot! This would mean we find out if it works 1-2 months sooner than we thought! Meaning less waiting. This is surely a TTC first. I will keep you posted if this is in fact the case (my nurse was a bit vague on the details).

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let the good times roll!

Today I had my first Lupron shot -- the first day of ~ 3 weeks of shots. DH administered the shot and did a wonderful job. Although nobody likes giving/receiving shots, we are very excited as this shot tonight means that we're on our way!

In other exciting news - my brother and SIL are ~98% sure they'll be joining me in Co!!! So excited to get to see them and to spend time with them in beautiful Co!!!

Lots of happy news -- just in time for my 36th birthday :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

The medications have arrived

My medications arrived in the mail today. Here's what all I'll be taking over the next month:

Everything in a box will be administered via injection starting Sunday with Lupron.
So to illustrate, here's what's inside the Menopur boxes:
Well, not the needles. I put those there for effect :) But you get the idea. For each Menopur injection, we'll be mixing two of the vials together then DH or I will inject into my belly.

For those of you who've met Corky (one of my two cats), you can imagine she was very excited about this delivery -- it gave her a box to play in. 

My feelings were more mixed. Excited because it means we're really about to have our cycle start in earnest. And intimidated that all this is going to be injected into me. Which I wouldn't even mind so much (I've gone through this before when using stims for 3 of our IUI cycles -- those involved Menopur and the trigger shot but not the Lupron or Gonal). No I'm not scared of the shots. But in the past DH has administered them. This time, once I'm in Denver, I'll have to do it myself :( Way less excited about that.

But now it is time for a zen moment. I will focus on the here and now. I will focus on injecting myself when the time comes. In the meantime I will focus on how exciting this is that we're going to move to the next phase (Lupron shots) on Sunday. Which means we're getting that much closer to ER!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IFV monitoring appointments booked

This morning I booked my suppression check appointment (u/s and blood work) with my local RE (it's on a Wednesday 3/30) so was pretty sure he'd be able to see me then) and all of my monitoring appointments with CCRM (u/s and bw every other day from 4/3-4/7 then every day from 4/7 until retrieval). We also booked DH's appointment to provide his back up sample (on 4/7) which allowed us to book his travel. I'll be there from 4/2-4/13 (assuming ER is no later than 4/12 -- it's tentatively scheduled for 4/11) and DH will join me on the evening of 4/6 (and we fly back together on 4/13, assuming we don't need to change our flights if ER gets pushed back). He got an awesomely cheap one way flight on SW for $79. Our return flights were also uber cheap on SW. So it won't kill us financially if we have to change the tix if ER gets pushed back. It's hard to know how I'll respond to the stims to time ER. I responded well in the past when we used stim shots for the IUI's (3 of them were with stims). But that was when my local RE was shooting for 1-2 follies. We'll be shooting for 17+ this time. So it seems to me it'll be a whole different ballgame. Part of this cycle's data collection -- to see how my body (esp follies) respond to higher doses of stims.

The sad news for me is that since DH won't be with me the entire time, I'll have to give myself shots while he's not there. One in the AM and one in the PM. I'm not a big fan of sticking things in my body. So DH has given me the shots in the past. Not looking forward to doing it on my own :( And I can't even have a drink before/afterward to help! Ah well. I'm sure this is just another of the many IF hurdles that I will jump when the time comes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Co Travel Is Booked!

It feels so surreal -- tonight we booked my travel to CO for ER. It was cheapest to buy two one way tickets -- one from Frontier (which I've never heard of so let's hope it's a good one) and the return on Southwest. Not only was Southwest cheaper for the return but they have a no change fee policy in case we need to stay longer (or I guess leave earlier is also possible) for ER. We've booked a few different hotels -- suites with kitchens. I've heard mixed reviews on them so I'm leaving my options open but wanted to lock in the prices.

I think it feels so surreal because I can't really believe it's finally happening. It's been since November that DH and I were TTC. We've been in a holding pattern ever since we found out about our CF carrier statuses and had to cancel IFV #1. And although we've gone to what feels like a bazillion MD appointments since November, those were all for some seemingly elusive IVF cycle that was to happen some day. And it took some time to come to terms with that -- to change gears from thinking about every month as possibly THE month (and the emotional roller coaster that goes along with that) to thinking about our TTC efforts as more long-term. That we cannot try to get preg each month. But rather need medical procedures so that we can get genetic screening to try to increase the likelihood that our babies will be healthy. So switching from short-term planning to long-term planning. But now the long-term is quickly approaching. I'm excited and scared and excited and scared. It's hard to believe it's finally happening. But booking the travel is definitely making it feel more real.

So I'll be headed out on 4/2. I decided to not even ask whether my local RE will see me on Sunday for my first u/s appointment. As AnnieP pointed out, it's actually easier and less stressful to just pack up and go to CO than to deal with that. And this process is stressful enough. I'm totally willing to head to CO early to try to decrease that stress.

Other than CCRM appointments, what I'll do when I get there is still in the works. Family may come to visit. I definitely want to see my friend from high school and her family. And I can always work remotely. And of course I will sightsee as long as my body will let me walk around because it's gorgeous there. So I'll definitely keep you posted on the plans as they unfold.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm 6 days into the suppression phase of my IVF cycle (i.e., 6 days on BCPs). As with my terminated IVF in November, it hasn't been totally smooth sailing. My body continues to be uber sensitive to hormones. I've been really crampy since going on BCP. I think it's because I started taking them on CD3 so my body didn't get a chance to fully shed its lining and it's very confused. Luckily the pain doesn't start until evening so I can usually make it through the day just fine. But by -- I'm in pain. So I take a couple Tylenol (one of the few meds OK'ed during IVF cycle) and do what I can to rest and relax. No sense getting stressed about the pain. Stress during IVF cycle = bad. And I just keep reminding myself that in the end, when we have our little baby/babies, it'll all be worth it.

My body's poor response to hormones (whether my own or medications) has gotten me a little worried about twins. We've always embraced the idea of twins. We want at least 2 kids (would love for our kids to have sibs) and twins would mean we'd only have to go through the emotional rollercoaster of IVF treatment 1x. But if my body freaks out when I'm not on twin-level hormones, I shutter to think what it'll do if I do get preg with twins. And not that I worry that I can't handle the pain, nausea, etc. One thing I've learned going through nearly 2 years of IF treatment -- our bodies and minds are much stronger than we give them credit for and I'm sure I could get through it. But I worry about the impact of my body's poor response on the babies.

But, of course, I'm getting way ahead of myself.  For now, must focus on trying to be healthy so I can grow lots and lots of healthy follies next month. It won't be until probably June that we have to decide how many embies to transfer etc. and by then we'll have much more info to help make that decision.

In other news, we're starting to schedule our trip to Denver. We're looking into hotels with little kitchens so we don't have to eat out for every meal (to save some $$ and our waistlines). To my fellow CCRM'ers -- if you have any suggestions for hotels, we'd love them. Would love to stay someplace others have before us so we know it'll be a nice place to spend a week or two.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IVF cycle begins!

I've been told by other ladies who've done IF treatment that it's a lot of wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...GO! GO! GO!!! That's definitely the case with this cycle.

First, I can't believe it's actually started. After weeks of being told it will take a while to get our genetic probes and the CCRM/RGI legal issues resolved. But I called CCRM on Monday to let them know AF came on Sunday and to see if we could start BCP's just to prevent pregnancy until our IVF cycle starts. They said sure. They then called back a couple of hours later to say that we could actually just start our IVF cycle!!! So excited because this is one month closer to finding out whether DH and I can even get to embie/blast stage.

After being told for weeks that, for various reasons (probes, legal stuff) it would most likely be at least another month before we could start our cycle, I was having a beer in the French Quarter for Lundi Gras when we got this news :) So DH and I had a very sober Mardi Gras :) Still a lot of fun!

In more exciting news -- my calendar is MUCH shorter than the one developed by my local RE (for my terminated IVF in November). I'll put the details to the right-hand side of the blog. But it a nutshell:

  • I started BCPs last night and will take until 3/24. DH started antibiotics last night as well.
  • I'll start lupron and dexamethasone on 3/20.
  • Stim shots (Menopur & Gonal F) will begin 3/31 (2 shots per day -- one in the AM and one in the PM. Fun times).
  • Travel to Denver 4/4 (although I may go sooner because my first u/s is scheduled for 4/3 which is a Sunday so my local RE may not see me so may just go to Denver so CCRM can handle it all rather than try to find someone locally who may or may not do it -- going to Denver actually sounds less stressful!)
  • 4/11 -- tentative ER. So I'll be in Denver for at least a week most likely. I have an email in to my CCRM nurse to find out when DH should join me in Denver. He of course wants to be there the whole time but will have to use personal days for that which we want to hoard for being pregnant/new parents. So I'll probably just try to get a lot of work done in Denver while he's not there (and visiting with my friend from HS who lives there -- so excited to see her and her fam again!).
This isn't on the calendar but for those who are wondering -- I've been told it'll be 6-8 weeks-ish between ER and FET because they need that time to do all the genetic tests (CCS and shipping some cells to RGI for the PGD).

Monday, March 7, 2011

We got our calendar today! Will be starting our IVF cycle this month! I will post more details when not traveling.