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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Co travel plans set

Not too much new to report today. But wanted to let everyone know that my brother and SIL are definitely coming to Denver! They are arriving the same day I am so we'll have lots of time to play before I feel too bloated from follies to do much sight seeing. So excited!!!

We've got travel plans set. We'll be staying at the Candlewood Suites. Our suite has a kitchenette so we can cook some meals to save on calories and expenses by not eating out for every meal. And it's close to CCRM for our early morning appointments. I'll try to be good about posting info on the hotel when I'm there for other ladies who may consider staying there for their ER.

Continuing to take Lupron shots and dex. So far no major side effects. I'm moodier than usual which could be the drugs or could be that I'm tired from my part-time job of IVF-planning. Otherwise, we're sailing right along toward our IVF!


  1. That's awesome! And good idea on getting a place with a kitchenette!

  2. Yay, so excited for you and glad you are having no major side effects fromt the drugs. Have fun in Denver while you can.

  3. That's so exciting! I'm glad everything is falling into place. Can't wait to hear how everything goes! We had a great first experience with CCRM during our ODWU yesterday.