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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IFV monitoring appointments booked

This morning I booked my suppression check appointment (u/s and blood work) with my local RE (it's on a Wednesday 3/30) so was pretty sure he'd be able to see me then) and all of my monitoring appointments with CCRM (u/s and bw every other day from 4/3-4/7 then every day from 4/7 until retrieval). We also booked DH's appointment to provide his back up sample (on 4/7) which allowed us to book his travel. I'll be there from 4/2-4/13 (assuming ER is no later than 4/12 -- it's tentatively scheduled for 4/11) and DH will join me on the evening of 4/6 (and we fly back together on 4/13, assuming we don't need to change our flights if ER gets pushed back). He got an awesomely cheap one way flight on SW for $79. Our return flights were also uber cheap on SW. So it won't kill us financially if we have to change the tix if ER gets pushed back. It's hard to know how I'll respond to the stims to time ER. I responded well in the past when we used stim shots for the IUI's (3 of them were with stims). But that was when my local RE was shooting for 1-2 follies. We'll be shooting for 17+ this time. So it seems to me it'll be a whole different ballgame. Part of this cycle's data collection -- to see how my body (esp follies) respond to higher doses of stims.

The sad news for me is that since DH won't be with me the entire time, I'll have to give myself shots while he's not there. One in the AM and one in the PM. I'm not a big fan of sticking things in my body. So DH has given me the shots in the past. Not looking forward to doing it on my own :( And I can't even have a drink before/afterward to help! Ah well. I'm sure this is just another of the many IF hurdles that I will jump when the time comes.

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