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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IVF cycle begins!

I've been told by other ladies who've done IF treatment that it's a lot of wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...GO! GO! GO!!! That's definitely the case with this cycle.

First, I can't believe it's actually started. After weeks of being told it will take a while to get our genetic probes and the CCRM/RGI legal issues resolved. But I called CCRM on Monday to let them know AF came on Sunday and to see if we could start BCP's just to prevent pregnancy until our IVF cycle starts. They said sure. They then called back a couple of hours later to say that we could actually just start our IVF cycle!!! So excited because this is one month closer to finding out whether DH and I can even get to embie/blast stage.

After being told for weeks that, for various reasons (probes, legal stuff) it would most likely be at least another month before we could start our cycle, I was having a beer in the French Quarter for Lundi Gras when we got this news :) So DH and I had a very sober Mardi Gras :) Still a lot of fun!

In more exciting news -- my calendar is MUCH shorter than the one developed by my local RE (for my terminated IVF in November). I'll put the details to the right-hand side of the blog. But it a nutshell:

  • I started BCPs last night and will take until 3/24. DH started antibiotics last night as well.
  • I'll start lupron and dexamethasone on 3/20.
  • Stim shots (Menopur & Gonal F) will begin 3/31 (2 shots per day -- one in the AM and one in the PM. Fun times).
  • Travel to Denver 4/4 (although I may go sooner because my first u/s is scheduled for 4/3 which is a Sunday so my local RE may not see me so may just go to Denver so CCRM can handle it all rather than try to find someone locally who may or may not do it -- going to Denver actually sounds less stressful!)
  • 4/11 -- tentative ER. So I'll be in Denver for at least a week most likely. I have an email in to my CCRM nurse to find out when DH should join me in Denver. He of course wants to be there the whole time but will have to use personal days for that which we want to hoard for being pregnant/new parents. So I'll probably just try to get a lot of work done in Denver while he's not there (and visiting with my friend from HS who lives there -- so excited to see her and her fam again!).
This isn't on the calendar but for those who are wondering -- I've been told it'll be 6-8 weeks-ish between ER and FET because they need that time to do all the genetic tests (CCS and shipping some cells to RGI for the PGD).


  1. Hi! I am so excited for you. Just a heads up, I thought I would be here for a week too but it all depends on how your body responds to the meds. In total I will be here about 12 days. My DH could not take all that time away from work so he joined me 3 days before the tentative retrieval date so that he can give a back up sperm sample and then be clear 3 days later to provide the real sample. The back up sample is just in case the swimmers are not good the day of or if for some reason he got sick or unable to attend. It's a safety precaution. Now my ER has been pushed out 1-2 days. I find out today! So excited to follow your journey :)

  2. This is such great news! So excited for you!

  3. So exciting...I may be in Denver the same time. I am suppose to start stims on April 1st pending this cyst I have developed. Best wishes!

  4. I found your blog through Stirrup Queens and it looks like I will only be a couple of days behind you. I start my bc pills tomorrow! I look forward to following your progress. :) Good luck!

  5. Will be following along to see how this goes for you. Your probe was done quickly! Best of luck.

  6. AWESOME news!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

    I keep meaning to tell you that Rachel was one of my nurses during my FET. She was really great.

    Isn't it funny that just going to denver and letting them deal w/ everything now seems 'easier' than messing w/ your local RE? :) Few people find the humor in that...

  7. YIPEEE!!!! SOOOO happy for the two of you. ;0)