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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Co Travel Is Booked!

It feels so surreal -- tonight we booked my travel to CO for ER. It was cheapest to buy two one way tickets -- one from Frontier (which I've never heard of so let's hope it's a good one) and the return on Southwest. Not only was Southwest cheaper for the return but they have a no change fee policy in case we need to stay longer (or I guess leave earlier is also possible) for ER. We've booked a few different hotels -- suites with kitchens. I've heard mixed reviews on them so I'm leaving my options open but wanted to lock in the prices.

I think it feels so surreal because I can't really believe it's finally happening. It's been since November that DH and I were TTC. We've been in a holding pattern ever since we found out about our CF carrier statuses and had to cancel IFV #1. And although we've gone to what feels like a bazillion MD appointments since November, those were all for some seemingly elusive IVF cycle that was to happen some day. And it took some time to come to terms with that -- to change gears from thinking about every month as possibly THE month (and the emotional roller coaster that goes along with that) to thinking about our TTC efforts as more long-term. That we cannot try to get preg each month. But rather need medical procedures so that we can get genetic screening to try to increase the likelihood that our babies will be healthy. So switching from short-term planning to long-term planning. But now the long-term is quickly approaching. I'm excited and scared and excited and scared. It's hard to believe it's finally happening. But booking the travel is definitely making it feel more real.

So I'll be headed out on 4/2. I decided to not even ask whether my local RE will see me on Sunday for my first u/s appointment. As AnnieP pointed out, it's actually easier and less stressful to just pack up and go to CO than to deal with that. And this process is stressful enough. I'm totally willing to head to CO early to try to decrease that stress.

Other than CCRM appointments, what I'll do when I get there is still in the works. Family may come to visit. I definitely want to see my friend from high school and her family. And I can always work remotely. And of course I will sightsee as long as my body will let me walk around because it's gorgeous there. So I'll definitely keep you posted on the plans as they unfold.


  1. Congrats! You must be really excited to finally get to this stage! Wishing you lots of luck!

  2. It feels so good to have plans, doesn't it!