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Monday, April 18, 2011

14 "good quality" blasts

According to the CCRM embryologist, we're doing really well. Of the 22 fertilized eggs, 14 made it to day 6 and will be biopsied and frozen. For those of you interested in the numbers, 5 arrested prior to day 6 and 3 are of poor quality and thus won't be biopsied/frozen. I didn't get specifics on the numbers of AA, AB, and BB's but he quickly read through the list and it sounds as though most are either AA or AB (A=perfect quality, B=good quality).

The next update will be with the results of the genetic testing. The embryologist anticipates that RGI will call us this week with the results of the PGD testing and that CCRM will call next week with the CCS results. And then we hope that the healthy ones as per RGI match the healthy ones as per CCRM. According to the genetic counselor we met with at CCRM, on average, ~ 50% of embryos are genetically healthy as per CCS. That will leave us with ~ 7. If 1 in 4 tests positive for CF (has both genetic mutations), maybe then ~ 2 of those 7 will be screened out leaving us with 5 genetically healthy embies. Obviously real life doesn't nec follow group stats like these that closely but the stats suggest there's a decent chance we'll have some embies for transfer. I hope.

It seems a bit surreal to think there are 14 little blasts out there that DH and I made. I am so excited that we've made it this far!


  1. Great news Manni - you have lots to work with!

  2. wow, thats so many! you are sure to get a baby out of them!

  3. That is wonderful news! No hurry up, June!