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Friday, April 8, 2011

4 more popped up

We had yet another u/s this AM. 4 more follies have caught up with the 11 that were ID'ed the first u/s as being the same size. So I have approx. 29 follies total, 15ish that are around the same size (which is 14-16 today). Still a few more days to go before trigger. I'm feeling much more bloated today and having an even harder time walking around. But it's all for a good purpose -- there's still a chance some of the smaller 29 might catch up. And even if they don't, having 15ish follicles at trigger ain't too shabby. My Rx is 75 Gonal-F tonight and 1 vial of Menopur tomorrow morning (and 5 of Lupron and same Dex as always).

In sight-seeing news, we went to Dinosaur Ridge today and took the bus tour of the dinosaur footprint fossils. Fun, interesting, inexpensive (only $4 per person for the bus tour! Such a bargain!) sight-seeing(with little walking involved).

We then drove over to Red Rocks Park.

After Red Rocks, we drove part of the Lariat Loop which was a gorgeous drive (and another free yet fun way to do some sight-seeing now that I'm not feeling up to walking around much). I definitely recommend it. We stopped at the Buffalo Overlook and drove around until we found more elk and a herd of buffalo. Very cool!


  1. Yeah for more follicles! And what a cool side trip you got to take!

  2. The weather looks great too! Everything is going wonderful!