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Friday, April 29, 2011

and then there were 3

It's crazy to think we went from 29 eggs retrieved (and 22 fertilized) to 3 genetically healthy embies. But those are the numbers. We have three genetically healthy embies! And in terms of blast quality, 1 is perfect, 1 is near perfect, and 1 is really good (I'm assuming this translates into AA, AB, and BB for those of you hip to the IVF lingo). Our CF carrier embie was missing an X chromosome; we had 1 CF normal with an abnormal CCS result (I was so overwhelmed with info I didn't ask which abnormality but will ask my nurse); and 1 CF normal that they were unable to test (i.e., a No Result). I also didn't think to ask how many of the remaining embies were CCS normal vs abnormal to get a sense of my rate of chromosomal abnormalities. I'll ask my nurse.

So, a wee bit disappointed that there aren't more. But also SOOOO excited that we got some. I got so scared when Dr. S called that he was going to say none passed the tests. But we have 3 which gives us lots of chances for 1-2 babies from this IVF cycle!

Now we need to figure out when and how many. The first question is an easy answer - ASAP. My nurse will be calling soon to work out the calendar. The how many -- we're thinking one. DH and I have talked about this for months now and have oscillated between 1-2. But today we realized just how much we've gone through to get these three healthy embies. And twin pregnancies are higher risk for damage to the babies. So it seems like if we want to be consistent with what we've been doing (i.e., everything we can to have healthy babies), that transferring two may not make the most sense. We can transfer singles with each FET until we find out which one/s of these embies will be our baby.

In other news, I'm still bloated today. I think my body did not like me biking to and from work Wed and Thurs this week. I've been bloated since Wed night. It's annoying and makes it hard to concentrate but otherwise I'm fine.


  1. Manni, that's really great news! 3 healthy, normal blasts gives you great odds - I'm really happy for you!

  2. YAY 3 embabies! That's great news!

  3. Great news! One sounds like a great plan. Hope they can get you started quickly.

  4. 3 is GREAT! B/c that's at least two tries! No one in their right mind would transfer all 3 in one FET. Now THAT'd be crazy.

  5. 3 is awesome Manny! Couples without genetic mutations don't get 3 normals most of the time! The fact that you had so many eggs was incredible helpful of course, I will consider this IVF (up to this point of course) to be a success! Congratulations!