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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Candlewood Suites, Englewood, CO

As promised, here's some info on Candlewood Suites, the hotel we're staying at during our CCRM treatment. So far I'm very happy with this hotel. The staff have been very friendly and helpful. It's very clean and quiet (and for those who don't know me, I'm the lightest sleeper I've ever met and I've had no trouble sleeping soundly here). The 4th floor has the smoking rooms and smells strongly of smoke on that floor (I stayed on that floor 1 night before we went to the Stanley). Avoid the 4th floor if the smell of smoke bothers you. We're now staying on the 3rd floor and there's no smoke smell at all.

Also we are 5 minutes from CCRM. I left my room (not the hotel, my room) at 7:53 for an 8AM appointment and was at CCRM at 8AM exactly.

Here's what my room (a double queen suite) looks like:

It's small but has everything we need. Little desk that doubles as our dining table (and where I keep/administer my shots). TV with DVD player. Window air-conditioning/heating unit (no complaints). The closet is usual hotel sized. It comes with laundry basket for dirty clothes and includes iron and ironing board.

Here's the kitchen & bathroom. Kitchen comes w/ full-size refrigerator w/freezer, microwave, stove w/ 2 burners, coffee pot, dishwasher, & sink w/ garbage disposal. No oven. There is a toaster in the cabinet & you can rent a toaster oven. The freezer has an ice machine. It's very loud though so you may want to turn off at night while you sleep if you too are a light sleeper.
The room includes plates, bowls, glasses, a couple of storage containers for left overs, colander & silverware (incl. cutting knives,  spatulas, canopener). Also includes 1 skillet & 3 pots of various sizes. I've cooked a few meals & everything has worked fine.

The bathroom is small but functional. The water pressure and temp in the shower are both good. Comes with 3 sets of towels. As an fyi -- the rooms are only cleaned 1x per week for extended stays. If you need fresh towels in the meantime you can just get from the front desk.

In addition to the room, the hotel also has laundry room (free laundry -- you just need to supply your own detergent etc) and indoor pool and hot tub (for those who can use a hot tub). There is a small exercise room with elliptical machine, stationary bike, and maybe a treadmill. And a weight machine. I used it Sunday and I was the only person there. There is a TV in the room to watch while working out.

Overall, we're very happy here. My brother and SIL (who are in the room next door to ours) also really like it here and would stay in a Candlewood again after the experience we've had here so far. If all continues to go as well as it has here, we'll probably stay here again when we come back for FET. I recommend it to other CCRM ladies.

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  1. The place looks great Manny! I love the kitchen. I think it's really perfect for your stay there. I'm so glad you are having a great time surrounded by family and everything else going nice and smooth. :-)