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Thursday, April 7, 2011

CCRM u/s appointment 2

DH arrived last night. We had our 2nd u/s appointment this AM. Follies continue to grow at good rate. They measured 11 today and they remain around the same size as each other (in the 10-13 range). We'll get results from bloodwork later today to find out if I need to change my meds (currently on 2 vials of Menopur, 150 of Gonal F, and 5 of Lupron). The nurse thinks I'll probably trigger on Sunday for a Tuesday ER. But this timeline remains tentative.

We've had a great time taking easy hikes around Garden of the Gods and Rocky Mt National Forest. I brought my heart monitor so I can make sure I don't get my heart rate over 140 (as per CCRM instructions re: physical activity pre-ER). But my hiking around days (even these easy hikes) are over. My ovaries are now so swollen from all my wonderful follies that it hurts to walk -- I feel a sharp pain with each step. Luckily we have found some fun looking drives and bus rides we will look into doing this weekend. I'll post info on them if/when we do them for my CCRM ladies who may want ideas of things to do in the Denver area.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well. I hear you on the pain when you walk. By retrieval day I was so huge I felt 6 months pregnant and constant sharp pains, I was freaking out I was about to ovulate any second, well, I guess I was, lol.

    How's the weather?

  2. Great news! It's so good that your follies are all around the same size - will make it easier to time the trigger. I wasn't too uncomfortable before retrieval with either of mine - the worst for me was between retrieval and transfer, but I also had OHSS. Keep posting your updates!!