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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First ultrasound appt -- Best Response Ever

Had my first CCRM IVF monitoring appointment this morning. My nurse said that I am having the best response she's ever seen to stims! I have approximately 13 follies developing and this AM they were 8.5-10 in size. She said that was great because there are a lot of them (and it's still early on) and they are all around the same size so shoudl be ready for transfer aroudn the same time. The ultrasound person also commented that I had a lot of follies.

I also had my IVF physical today to make sure I'm healthy enough for anesthesia. After giving myself a menopur shot this AM then giving blood after my u/s to monitor my estradiol and progesterone, I also got a pin prick during the physical to check my iron. I truly felt like a human pin cushion today. But it was all worth it. I'm healthy (so healthy I'm almost boring according to the doc I met with which I'll take as a compliment) and the follies are responding and responding well.  

I will have my next u/s Thursday morning.