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Friday, April 1, 2011

Game On!

Great news! My estradiol level dropped to 46 (and needs to be below 50 for the cycle to continue) & there is no evidence of cysts! So we are a go for this cycle!!!

The only glitch is that this delay sets us back a couple of days. So I won't have my first u/s appt at CCRM until Tuesday. So I'll be in Co a few days more than I really need to be. But those days will be with my brother and SIL so it's all good. More time to play with them before the shots make it difficult to hike around. I will have to do a bit of re-arranging of things at work just in case I'm not out there longer than originally planned. But I think that should be doable.

I'll start stims tomorrow morning. I'll be doing Menopur in the mornings and Gonal F & Lupron in the evenings. The morning and evening shots need to be spaced 12 hours apart and need to be consistent. I'll continue with the Dex pills as well. All shots will be sub-q (i.e., in my belly). Getting ready to turn into a human pin cushion.

So glad this cycle didn't get canceled! Was starting to worry if I have some sort of curse that prevents me from actually going all the way through an IVF cycle. And now we're back on track to seeing whether they can even retrieve any eggs, whether eggs fertilize, whether they can grow to 5-day blasts, whether any are genetically healthy, whether transferred ones implant, etc. So much we get to learn!!!


  1. So happy it worked out for you. A couple extra days doesn't sound that bad at all. Will be thinking of you and hoping for the best.

  2. Oh that is wonderful news! Yay!

  3. I am so happy to hear the news!!! I think the shots are fun, call me weird, no problem ;-), you get to feel you are doing something everyday plus the ultrasound appointments are awesome, seeing how all those little follicles are growing... Ohhh, such an exciting time ahead of you!!!

  4. Great news Manni! Wishing you all the best this cycle!