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Sunday, April 10, 2011

May trigger tonight

Just got back from today's u/s. The nurse thinks we may trigger tonight! Thank goodness - my ovaries are really sore today. Which isn't surprising -- in today's u/s they saw approximately 12-14 large follies on each ovary plus lots of little ones. So some of my little ones continue to catch up. I'm so curious to see how many mature and immature eggs they're going to retrieve. The range of sizes of the 16 largest ones (the ones they measured) was 16-20.8.

We'll find out later today if we're going to trigger tonight. If so, that would put ER on Tuesday. Which would be awesome bc we won't have to change our flight (currently scheduled for Wed) although we of course will change it if we don't trigger tonight and need to stay longer. I'll post when I hear from CCRM what the plan is.


  1. Great! Sounds like things are really on track!

  2. I am so glad that things are going well Julie!! I will be thinking of you tonight and next week!

  3. Manny~ Just out of curiosity, do you know your E2 levels?

  4. Sounds like things are going great!!