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Friday, April 22, 2011


My OHSS really scared me last night. I gained 6 lbs yesterday in all - this was all in one day. I was so uncomfortable - my skin hurt from the stretching.

Additionally, I woke at 2AM last night and vomited & had diarrhea (sorry if TMI). Now I did eat sushi last night so I guess these symptoms could have been bad sushi. But my friends and I eat sushi at this place all the time with no problems so I'd be surprised if that's what happened. 

Even later in the night I went to the bathroom and was bleeding. It could be AF but it was different than usual (instantly came out out red blood not the usual brown that I usually have my first day - again sorry if TMI) and seems a bit early. So I have a call into my nurse to find out if this is bad news or just wicked PMS. 

I did hear from one of my CCRM buddies who said that AF came a week early for her after ER so it's possible that the bleeding was AF. Which would be awesome. The bleeding was definitely the scariest part of last night's shenanigans. She also said that her OHSS always got much better once AF came so let's hope AF, if this is what's going on, brings me OHSS relief as well.


  1. Oh geeez Manni - I hope this settles down quickly for you - scary!

  2. Oh NO! I hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe you should just go to a local doctor, not sure what they can give you but hopefully something to make you feel better.