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Monday, April 18, 2011

OK I'd like to be done recovering now, thank you

I'm not feeling very well this evening. I'm finally not feeling bloated (so in all my bloat lasted 5 days post-ER), but it's official -- I've gained 5 lbs of fat from the stims :( But I knew that could happen. So while the 5 lbs are annoying (and make it difficult to find clothes to wear -- thank goodness I'm working from home a lot this week -- in my pj's), they are not shocking.

I was totally planning on going for a nice, light bike ride this evening with DH to start getting some exercise to get back in shape. DH needed to do some yardwork before our ride, so I joined him in the backyard and did some very light hoeing in my vegetable garden. After just a few minutes of hoeing, I started feeling REALLY crampy -- the type of crampy I feel when AF is coming but worse (although AF isn't scheduled to arrive for ~ 1 more week). So we nixed the bike ride and I came inside to relax until the cramping passed. The cramping has finally decreased. But now I feel nausea. :(

I know that it'll pass and in the end it'll all be worth it if I end up pregs (or find out I can't get pregs so we can look into adoption, donation, etc), but right now I'm just plain frustrated. It's been over a week that I've been uncomfortable in my own body. I had no idea going into this that the post-ER period was so icky. Not that it would have changed what I did. But I would have been more prepared perhaps to know that my life would be pretty much on hold for the 2 weeks in Co and another week after Co to recover from the ER.

Sorry for all the complaining. My main purpose in wring this isn't (just) to vent. I'm also curious what other ladies have experienced. What was your post-ER period like? How did you cope with the weight gain? How many days/weeks after ER were you able to start exercising again?


  1. I was pretty much ok the day after egg retrieval, although I didnt exercise, I kept to light activities, I bled for quite a few days after egg retrieval.I gained a couple of kilos, and now that its been 2 months since IVF, I have lost it. It took me quite a while to get back to normal, I felt heavy and bloated and just fat for quite a while. Give yourself time, you will get back to normal, and if you are pregnant then who cares how big and horrid you feel

  2. Hi Manni - I was very uncomfortable (OHSS) for a little more than a week, but I also had a fresh transfer which made things worse so my experience is different than yours. You should get back to feeling more like yourself soon. I would take it very easy with the exercise though - it can take your ovaries a long time to get back to their normal size, especially with how swollen yours would have been with all those eggs - you don't want to risk doing any damage.

  3. I think you'll feel better once AF arrives. I had OHSS three times :-( and it has peaked at 5 days past ER and then it goes down, but once AF arrives it feels so much better. I would wait until then to go back to exercise. Hang in there!