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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OK, more recovery it is

One of the many reasons I love my on-line support system is that you give me such helpful wonderful support and information! Thank you ladies for sharing your stories with me. For those of you not privy to those emails, here's what I've learned. My poor little ovaries were mega-stretched out last week with all my large follies. And it takes time for them to recover from that and return to normal. So it may take until AF comes next week for me to feel normal again. My CCRM nurse recommended we abstain from sex and hot tubs until AF comes. So it makes sense that it'll take until then for the healing to be done. So I will also abstain from exercise until then too.

Also I may not easily lose the stims weight. But that's OK bc soon I'll (hopefully!) be preggers and the extra weight can then go towards the calories I'll need to grow my baby/babies. :)

I've been having a lot of ovarian pain last night and today. I'm assuming that's my ovaries trying to return to their normal size. So more sitting still for me today (walking hurts) to allow them to recover.

So in light of all this abstaining, what can a girl do for fun?! A friend reminded me that there is a lot of sushi to be eaten this week! And a glass of wine here and there won't hurt either. So there is a bright side to this recovery period.

And another bright side -- I am so thankful that I'm doing FET rather than fresh transfer. My body doesn't feel healthy enough for fresh transfer. Glad I have the time to heal from all my glorious eggies being made so that my repro system will be as healthy as possible for receiving my embies in (hopefully) June.

Oh and just thought of another bright side - so thankful it's spring break this week so I can work from home in my pj's and minimize walking. The timing of this has worked out really well in that sense.

No word from RGI yet. I didn't think it'd be that fast but of course was secretly wishing it would be. :)


  1. You're right Manni - it is a good thing you aren't doing a fresh transfer. I've always kind of regretted doing a fresh transfer my first time as I was dealing with OHSS and don't think my body was a healthy place for those poor little embies at the time. I wish I would have waited and did a FET -I think my body would have been in a better place to accept the embies. Hope you get feeling better soon!

  2. One of my RE's told me that transferring while having OHSS decreases your chances of conceiving by 30%, plus the fact that it gets worse if you get pregnant doesn't sound good either. I think waiting for a later transfer is a great idea :-)

    You are so great by looking at the bright side of it!

  3. That's the spirit! Glad to hear you've decided to take this time to heal, and have fun while doing so. Remember, every hour that passes, your that much closer to feeling better. And....don't look at that number on the scale. What does a scale know anyway? It's never smelled pizza, eaten chocolate, or tasted salsa. It just sits there and tells you numbers. Stupid scale.