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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RGI results are in

We got the RGI results in today. I'm still in a bit of shock. Of the 14 embies tested, 5 were affected (i.e., have both CF mutations). That's 36%. Not that I really thought it'd be exactly 25% but I think I was secretly hoping for it to come back less than 25% not more. In addition, 2/4 were uninterpretable due to monosomy 7 which I think means loss or partial loss of chromosome 7 (which can happen during cell division, esp for us older ladies). That leaves 7 embies. But one that was identified as a carrier has reduced accuracy due to allele drop out and shared markers between DH and me. This one is only to be transferred with our permission which sounds scary. Basically it means they're pretty sure it's a carrier but there's a small chance it's actually affected.

We are therefore left with 6 that RGI is comfortable transferring without reservation. Of those, 1 is a carrier (has my CF mutation) and 5 are normal (no CF mutations).

Six is great. But it's a little scary because now we await the results from the CCS. And hope that at least 1 of the embies identified as healthy as per CCS is one of these 6. We should get CCS results back any time in the next 3 weeks.

I feel a little less hopeful this cycle is going to work out (I let myself get my hopes up when we had 29 at ER). I try to remind myself that going into this I was of the mindset that the first IVF will be information gathering -- to find out if DH and I can even fert an egg (turns out we can fert 22 thank you very much), whether they can make it to blast (and 64% of ours did), and whether would be genetically healthy. So this is all part of that information gathering.


  1. Oh Manny, I'm sorry you are dissappointed but I think you still have great chances. They say the standard is 50% normals with CCS. That would leave you with 3. I think that's pretty good :-)

  2. I can understand you being disappointed when you started with so many, but you still have amazing odds! Hang in there and try and stay positive!

  3. How are you doing today Manny? A bit more hopeful?

  4. FIVE?!!! That's FABULOUS!!!!! Even with 50% drop off w/ the CCS, that gives you (worst case) 2, which is TWO SET's... or if you're feeling ballsy, one FET of two very, very perfect embies. Either one is HIGHLY likely to result in a live birth and you guys becoming mommy and daddy. And at the end of the day, isn't that what it's all about?

    (sorry to have been MIA, I've been reading, just haven't had the time to post... I've, um, been a little busy. :) )