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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CCS results and FET calendar

I spoke with my nurse today to put together my FET calendar. It's all based around AF coming on 5/18 but AF is not very reliable and tends to come earlier than that so we'll see if this calendar holds up. But if it does, I'm scheduled to start BCPs on 5/20, lupron on 5/27 (yes more shots! fun times), estrogen replacement therapy on 6/3, vivelle patches on 6/5, and endometrin on 6/24. I will need blood draws on 6/11, 6/21 (ultrasound that day as well), 6/25, and the day of FET (6/28). I will need to fly to Denver on 6/27 and can fly home 6/30. 

It's exciting to have a plan but tough to get too excited about it given all these dates are subject to change which makes it tough to plan anything yet. But good to know I’m on track for an end of June FET!

I informed my nurse that we’re still planning on transferring one this time.  

I also asked her for more details regarding the CCS results:
One had an extra c-some 15
The rest were missing chromosomes:
One was missing chromosomes 7 & 14
One was missing an x or y chromosome (which we knew from our phone call from Dr. S)
One was missing chromosome 16
One was missing chromosome 7

So no clear pattern emerged. Which seems to me to be a good thing in that it suggests there’s not an underlying genetic problem that’s contributing to the chromosomal issues. On the other hand, it suggests that I may be considered AMA, at least when it comes to my body’s ability to successfully engage in cell division.


  1. I'm excited you got your calendar! One more step down. AMA sucks, but at least you got some 'normals' - very hopeful for you!

  2. Very exciting Manni! You are brave by transferring only one! Are you feeling back to normal now?

  3. Awesome to be transferring so soon. It won't be long now.

  4. Awesome that you have a calendar! June is so close.