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Sunday, May 22, 2011

CD31 and still no AF (but maybe some wicked PMS)

I feel terrible. Sharp ovarian pains. And nausea. I'm hoping this is all some sort of wicked PMS. Last month when AF came I actually vomited. My nurse and I chalked it up to wicked PMS as a result of elevated hormones from the ER. I'm hoping that's what this nausea is. The ovarian pains are more of a mystery. I've been having them on  and off for ~ 2 weeks now. Today they've been especially bad. And they are on both sides, suggesting they probably aren't from late ovulation (although maybe I'm ovulating from both ovaries really late this month? but for 2 weeks...?).

As you can imagine, I'm uber frustrated. I'm so tired of not feeling well. It'd be one thing if I was not feeling well because I was pregnant. Or if I knew that all this feeling crappy would result in a baby. But alas none of those is the case. So I'm just annoyed. I'm annoyed with feeling bad. I'm sick of hearing myself bitch about how I don't feel well -- I can only imagine my friends and DH must be sick of hearing it too.  I miss my body. I miss feeling like myself. So seriously, AF is very welcome today. I'm hoping that when AF comes that plunge in hormones will be the final step in ridding my body of the hormones from ER so I can maybe start to feel like myself again.


  1. Oh Manny, I hope you get AF soon and start feeling better.

  2. Hope you get feeling better soon - that sucks!