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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

checking in

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. Not much new to report. Just waiting for AF so we can get the calendar set and I can start prepping for FET.

I did have a weird experience on Sunday. Wicked strong ovarian pain on my right side. It seems a little late for ovulation pain. But a little early for AF cramping. Whatever it was it knocked out back on the couch for the rest of the evening (luckily it came toward the end of my errands on Sunday so I could just relax and take it easy). I was hoping it was AF cramping so I could start my FET calendar (even though it was only CD 17 -- but my luteal phases tend to be short which is what got me to the RE in the first place. But a 17 cycle would be super short even for me). But so far, no AF. Felt fine Monday and today. 


  1. Could it have been a left over follicle bursting? I've heard of cysts giving people that kind of feeling before. Hope AF comes quickly. I'm sure you're getting excited!

  2. It may because of how over-stimulated you were. Your ovaries could still be shrinking. My former RE said they take awhile to get back to normal, especially when you have so many eggs.