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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ladies & Gentlmen, AF has entered the building!!!!!

whoo-hoo!!!! AF is here! So now I can get my calendar and have a tangible plan. And get back on BCP's which will hopefully help with the weight gain and the acne (my body does SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better when I'm on BCPs than when I'm off them).

I'm hoping my calendar is unchanged. I was excited for a Feb due date if this FET works. If we have to postpone it's not the end of the world. March is a great month. In fact, DH and I both were born in March. I was just hoping that the baby's birthday wouldn't be right on top of DH's so that both can have their own special day each year. But at this point, we'll take any due date we can get!

So, inspired by a dear CCRM friend, I'm going to set some resolutions for the next month to prep for FET:

1. exercise at least 3x per week that doesn't aggravate my healing ovaries. I'm thinking yoga, bike to/from work, and walking my dog around the lakes. I need to set a schedule for this as I'm much better at doing it if scheduled. So this week I'm going to walk the dog tonight, bike to work tomorrow, and yoga one day this weekend (I'll be at my in-laws so I'll have to find time to get away to do some sun salutations in our bedroom).
2. no more alcohol :(
3. continue to eat organically
4. get 8 hours of sleep per night
5. one caffeinated beverage (black tea) per day.
6. eat/drink more antioxidants (e.g., herbal tea, POM)
7. start meditation and foot salts 1 week prior to FET at the latest


  1. AWESOME!!! So happy for you! ;0) Never did I think I would be so happy to hear that someone got their visit from AF!

    Also,I can think of no better a birthday gift for either of you then a little one. Can't wait to hear your schedule. Sending good energy and blessings your way my dear. Love ya!

  2. Happy to hear She made an appearance! Best wishes as you move forward.