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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new calendar

If this transfer works and the baby makes it to due date, DH has declared that March will be a Carnivale-type celebration of the birth of our family members. A month long celebration of us! :)

Here's the new calendar (note: we are only transferring one embie this FET. It says 3 because we have 3 available for transfer but we are only transferring one):

All the meds are the same (just taking a few more BCPs). The FET will now be 7/13. Which I think is a pretty darn good sign as that's my SIL's birthday. :)


  1. Great news Manni! It'll be here before you know it! Am I reading correct - are you transferring 3 blasts?

  2. Thanks Jen! No I'm not transferring 3 blasts -- just one! Sorry should have clarified that. I have 3 blasts available for transfer just in case something happens during the thawing process. But our plan is to transfer one. I'll edit my post so that's clearer.

  3. What a beautiful looking calendar.

  4. Phew...I was thinking you were quite the risk taker for a minute!

  5. YIPEE!!!!!!!! So glad to hear a plan is in motion! birthday gift for me, EVER!!! We may not share the same "birthday" but we will share the day as new beginnings. I am just beaming right now. We love the both of you uber much and are so proud of how well both of you have dealt with all these ups and downs. Couldn't be more pleased to have you getting such good news. Hugs from both of us. xoxo ;0)

  6. Oh YEAH! Did you ever think you'd be this excited to get your period? lol

    7/13, here you come! Btw, that next weekend is their baby reunion at the Denver Zoo. I'm trying my darndest to get our butts out there for it. I hope you'll still be there (you likely will, on bedrest and all after the fet).

    Personally I just want a pic of the little people w/ Dr Surrey. Since he's a rock star and all. ;-)

    Ooo! It'd be great to see you out there!