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Friday, May 20, 2011

OHSS continues

Lest we forgot about good ol' OHSS, I'm still suffering away with it. It seems like forever that I've had this. For the past week, though, it's calmed down enough that I've just been feeling "fat and ugly" (still 5 lbs more pre-ER and my chin remains covered in zits). But last night, ol' OHSS reared her ugly head with a vengance.

I'm still waiting for AF. Two days ago I had wicked cramps and backache and thought AF was coming for sure. Nada. Yesterday I had some GI distress and bloat. But not enough to knock me out. DH and I had theatre tickets so we went to see the show -- a fun date night. However, toward the end of the show, I started getting that hot, goose-bumping feeling I get when I'm about to be sick. I tried to fight it so we could see the end of the show and not send some sort of message by walking out of the show before it was over (esp because it was a great show! Very well done. Super funny. We were really enjoying it).

But I finally couldn't take it any more. Last month when AF came, I literally was getting sick out of both ends simultaneously (sorry for the TMI but hey, this is what I've been dealing with here). And I was not going to let that happen in a public bathroom. Additionally, during the course of the show, my little bit of bloat had exploded so that I had developed what my brother calls a "booby-do" (bc my belly sticks out more than my boobies do). And I'm about a C and a half so we're talking some serious bloat. Oh it was so uncomfortable.

So we left Luckily getting outside and some fresh air was just what I needed. By the time we got home, I no longer felt like I was about to explode. I took some preventative meds just in case and went to bed.

Today I feel much better. Still bloated but no booby-do. And still no AF. I'm now on CD 29! I don't know how that happened. I missed a week somewhere and thought AF should have come this week. Turns out it was last week when I was in so much ovarian pain. Time is flying by with my IF brain melt.

In good news, our local RE was reimbursed for some procedures we paid him out of pocket for, so we should be getting a check for over $1,000! Always nice to get even a fraction back of the thousands we've spent so far on IF treatment.


  1. I can't believe you're still dealing with the OHSS - holy crap! That's good news about the refund from your RE - every little bit helps!

  2. Manny I have to say that I'm not so sure that this is still OHSS, it shouldn't linger this long, as far as I know, I could be wrong though. Have you contacted your nurse? I'm thinking maybe it's AF cramps. After IVF, AF can come a lot worse than usual. Hope you feel better soon.

    Yay for that refund!!

  3. After my IVF cycles where I didn't transfer anyting, AF always came about 10 days late, both times. I tracked OPKs, and ovulation always happened 10 days late too. It's not uncommon.

    Sorry you're still feeling so shitty though (literally!)

    xoxo EELC :)

  4. Hope you feel a bit better soon. And Im sure you still look beautiful. take care