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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ovarian deduction what?!

I called the insurance company to find out why they won't pay for my endrometrin (the progesterone suppositories). I was informed that it was denied because "the patient has had previous infertility treatment and has not responded to ovarian deduction". Yes. Deduction. That is correct. I had her say it like 17 times. The conversation went something like
"I'm sorry, ovarian what?"
"ovarian what?"
"I'm sorry, ovarian what?"
"ovarian what?" and on and on.

Then I made the poor woman spell it. Then spell it again.

I thought perhaps I was going crazy. Have I lost all sense of vocabulary in the brain melt that is years of struggling with IF? But no, Mr. Webster (as my granny would say) agrees with me:

a : an act of taking away <deduction of legitimate business expenses> b : something that is or may be subtracted <deductions from his taxable income>
a : the deriving of a conclusion by reasoning; specifically : inference in which the conclusion about particulars follows necessarily from general or universal premises — compare induction b : a conclusion reached by logical deduction 

So what the deuce is meant by "ovarian deduction"? 
That this patient hasn't responded to someone taking away my ovaries? To my knowledge, taking away of my ovaries has not been a part of my treatment. In fact, my ovaries are producing, not deducing, as evidenced by my awesome 29 eggies. 
Alternatively, do they mean that this patient hasn't responding to a logical conclusion about my ovaries? And what would that logical conclusion be? That my ovaries are producing eggies? And if that is the logical deduction, that has nothing to do with my need for progesterone.


So I'm obviously going to fight this. Because unless there's some medical definition of deduction of which I'm unaware, this makes no sense. I have a call into my CCRM nurse to get to the bottom of this.

At the very least, I can thank my insurance company for giving me a couple of laughs. Ovarian deduction. That's just funny.

I just called DH to tell him the news. I told him that I was denied because of my failure to respond to ovarian deduction. He's response was "Ovarian what?". Exactly.


  1. Ha! Thanks for the laugh! I know it's frustrating, but sometimes you just have to laugh at the idiots that work for insurance companies.