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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things not going as planned...again...

Two annoying things happened yesterday. AF did not come. So our calendar is now unknown. Could be July now depending on when AF comes. So more waiting.

The second thing was that when our meds came (see previous post on meds), they didn't send the progesterone because they needed to get prior authorization from our insurance company. They have a policy that you have to be there when meds are delivered to sign for them -- otherwise they are not responsible for the quality of the meds. So I assumed they would call me when they heard from my insurance company to schedule delivery. They told me that my copay would $0. My insurance is awesome.

However, yesterday our credit card got charged $400 for the progesterone. And they shipped it without telling me so I wasn't home to sign for the delivery and it went back to FedEx.

So I called Freedom Fertility (the pharmacy my insurance wants me to use for fertility meds) to find out WTF. The woman I talked to agreed it was all very weird. Someone is supposed to call me back but so far nada.

I hate to complain about having to pay $400 for my meds as I know most of you doing through IVF are paying much much more. But it was just another freaking thing going wrong, that we haven't been planning on, etc.

Ugh - I just want to fast forward to July and know whether all this (time, money, emotional rollercoaster) will be worth it.

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  1. Hope you get everything worked out today. $400 is a lot for progesterone! I know what you mean about fast forwarding time--sometimes that crystal ball would be nice.