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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

15 days until FET

I'll be going to CCRM 2 weeks from today. All continues to go well. My belly is distended and uncomfortable (that's right -- the booby-do is back!). I've discussed it with my nurse and there's nothing that can be done about it. The meds I'm on can cause weight gain, water retention, and gas any one of which could be causing the distension. So I just wear baggy clothes and count down the days until I'm off these meds.

Got test results from bloodwork done yesterday to check my estradiol levels. Anything over 50 is good at this stage. Mine's 90. So I'm responding well to the ERT. Today I've started two patches per day (had been doing one). I'll up the number of patches every other day -- in 2 days I'll wear 3, in 4 days I'll wear 4. Then I'll have an u/s and more bloodwork to see how my uterine lining is responding. Then we'll know for sure whether FET will be 7/13.

I scheduled my acupuncture appointment at CCRM so I'll get it done right before and right after FET. I probably won't to any locally before going. Instead I've been doing yoga 1-2 times per week but am going to up that to nearly daily as we get closer to FET.


  1. Hopefully the distended belly will turn soon into a pregnant belly and it won't matter anymore. Counting the days with you Manni!

  2. How very exciting. Too bad about the belly bloat. Can't wait for all the updates.

  3. Sounds like everything is going great!

  4. Yay for yoga! I need to get back into a yoga routine. So you can do yoga because you are not stimming your ovaries? That's great that you are responding well to the meds, except for the bloating. I am in countdown mode as well. Just started my first BCP this morning. I will get out to CCRM on the 18th, but you will probably be already home by then:)

  5. Myfertilityjourney~ LOL! I hope so!!!

    TurtleMama ~ If I stick with my original calendar, we'll be flying back home on the 15th so we'll just miss each other :( Yes I can exercise now because not stimming so no risk of ovarian torsion. In fact, some believe that exercise is good while prepping for FET because it increases bloodflow to the uterus. One of the DVD's I've been doing is a yoga for fertility DVD -- I love the DVD's because I can do them with friends at home (rather than paying $$ for classes) and we can do them on our time (so no having to stress about making it to particular class times -- and one less stressor right now is a wonderful thing).