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Saturday, June 18, 2011

AF arrived, with a wee bit of drama

AF came today -- which is good news because today is the day they estimated AF to come so my calendar doesn't need adjusted so our travel plans should be fine (leaving for CO on 7/12, FET 7/13, 2 days bedrest, fly home 7/15). But yesterday's PMS included severe nausea -- I could hardly move without wanting to puke. So I laid on the couch all night trying not to vomit.

And forgot to take my lupron shot!!!

DH has been in charge of giving me my shot and reminding me to take it given I've had so many wonky side effects with this bout of lupron. We think he must have been so distracted by how nauseas I was that he forgot. And lord knows I was thinking of nothing but not puking last night. So we forgot. 

We called the CCRM emergency nurse hotline today to find out what to do. The instructions for what to do if a lupron shot missed were not on our lupron instructions from CCRM. From what I read online it could go either way -- skip it or take it in the AM. The nurse said to go ahead and take it this AM (although she said either way would be fine - take it or skip it). She said that the lupron is to prevent me from ovulating because if I ovulate my uterine lining will thicken on its timeline which will be different from the timeline CCRM wants it to thicken. So the lupron isn't directly related to prepping my uterus for transfer. So we took it (better safe than sorry) and feel much better about our snafu. As you can imagine, we were freaking out that we had totally f'ed up our transfer.

But we both set our phone alarms to remind us each night from here on out to take my lupron.

In other news -- no more nausea today. Just a pretty normal (for me) AF. I'll start estrogen patches on Monday (ERT - so curious to see how that's going to go).


  1. Im glad that the Lupron snafu wasn't too big of a deal. I didn't realize it was taken to prevent ovulation. Glad the nausea is better today too!

  2. That's great it wasn't a big deal forgetting the lupron :-).