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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Denver Trip Travel Plans booked

We went ahead and booked our travel plans today because word on the street is that fuel costs are going to continue to rise so we wanted to lock into reasonable prices while we could. Here's the plan:

Flights: Southwest (we got nonstop tix for $99 each way per passenger. Plus 1 checked bag per passenger free and can change tix without change fees)
Car rental: Hertz (with the CCRM discount code, the car will be ~$45 per day, nearly half what most big name companies are asking this time of year)
Hotel: We booked at Hampton Inn (with CCRM discount code it's $79 per day). Although we really enjoyed Candlewood Suites for ER, there are no rooms available for our timeframe this trip. Hampton Inn also has kitchens so we can cook our own meals to save money and be healthy. And since I'll be on bed rest two of the 3 days, we can't really go out to restaurants.

In other news ~ had my first lupron shot yesterday. DH administered it and did a great job! It feels good to be back to doing medical treatment again because it means FET is finally almost here!!! So curious to see how it goes!!!


  1. Manni~ Dan got a car rental on from Budget for $30.99 a day for a full size car. Maybe you want to try it.

  2. myfertilityjourney ~ That's a great tip! Once our dates are firm (i.e., after AF comes) we'll give priceline a shot. Prices for everything (cars, hotels) are much higher in July than they were in Jan or April so every little bit of savings will be a help. Thanks!