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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our journey's timeline thus far

As FET for our first IVF is starting to seem real, I was reflecting on how long this journey has been. I realized that I'm not usre I ever really shared much about our TTC back story in this blog so thought I'd put together a more comprehensive timeline -- both for myself (no wonder I'm exhausted -- we've had an action packed couple of years) but for those interested in what we've done prior to CCRM:

8/2009: started TTC (and charted. After a few months, realized I had short luteal phase so discussed with my OB/GYN)
1/2010: began IF treatment with my local OB/GYN -- Clomid alone- BFN
3/22/10: IUI #1 w/local RE (clomid) - BFN
4/19/10: IUI #2 w/local RE (clomid) - BFN
5/14/11: IUI #3 w/local RE (clomid) – BFN
6/12/10: IUI #4 w/local RE (clomid) - BFN
7/9/10: IUI #5 w/local RE (Menopur) - BFN
8/4/10: IUI #6 w/local RE (Menopur) - BFN
10/1/10: IUI #7 w/local RE  (Menopur) - BFN
11/21/10: IVF #1 w/local RE (terminated by RE because DH  & I both carriers for cystic fibrosis)
1/7/11: CCRM phone consult w/Dr. Surrey
1/28/11: CCRM ODWU
3/8/11: CCRM IVF#1 cycle begins
4/12/11: ER at CCRM (29 eggs retrieved, 22 fertilized w/ICSI, 14 embies made it to day 5 blast. stage, 11 failed CCS and/or PGD [5 failed CCS, failed PGD], 3 embies frozen for future transfers).
7/13/11 - tentative FET


  1. Wow, You've been through a lot of IUI's Becca! Can't wait for tomorrow's update.

  2. myfertilityjourney ~ lol! you got my and Becca's blogs mixed up. I can't wait to hear her update either!!!

  3. Wow - that's been an action-packed couple of years Manni! I hope your FET brings you a glorious BFP and a happy end to all of this madness!

  4. Manni, I'm telling you, I don't know where my brain is anymore. So sorry.

  5. S ~ I totally understand! Today I burst into tears at Whole Foods -- I wasn't experiencing any kind of negative affect or anything. Then out of the blue, tears. We're a mess and we should be. IF sucks.

  6. hope we both get a great result tomorrow, and hopefully we get some sleep tonight!

  7. I know Manni, IF really really sucks :-(

  8. Hey Manni - I just had my 1DWU at CCRM last week and will be out there when you are for my first IVF. That's great that you already have the hard part over with! Silly question for you: My sis-in-law's wedding is 2 weeks after the transfer. Will I still be bloated from all this? Also was the wt gain from bloating - is it common to gain alot of wt with all the hormones?
    Hopefully our paths will cross out there in Lone Tree:)
    Hang in there - I went to an outdoor concert last night and there were all these toddlers and babies everywhere and it made me feel panicky. But there are so many women going through IF, but it's not an obvious condition.

  9. TurtleMama ~ That's great that we'll be IVF'ing at the same time! I've heard from lots of women that the weight gain and bloat hangs on at least until AF comes the first time after ER and in my case (and others I've read about on egg donor sites), it can last as long as AF's 2nd appearance post-ER. So yes you should plan on being ~ 5 lbs heavier and bloated at the wedding (and then if I'm wrong and you're not, it's a little present!). I think the bloat is worse the more you hyperstim/the more eggs that are retrieved.
    FX that you're ER goes well! Are you doing FET or fresh transfer?

  10. Thanks Manni! guess a few extra lbs should be the least of my worries at the this point, right?! The bridesmaid's dress is empire waist, so that will be good:)