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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shots start tonight

That's right. It's getting even more real. We start shots again tonight. Lupron. To start prepping my uterus for transfer. I had sushi dinner last night -- my last sushi until we find out this didn't work or until I have my baby.

I go off BCPs Wednesday. Once AF comes, my nurse will revise my calendar (if necessary) based on date of AF. Then we'll know for sure when transfer will be and can get tickets and start planning for real.

In other news I'm finally feeling better. I didn't post it earlier because I was worried I might jinx it :) But the baseline bloat that I've had since ER is finally gone. I can fit back into my pre-ER clothes. Which is nice because I was getting tired of the same 3 pairs of elastic waistband pants I had bought after ER (and look forward to wearing again when/if I'm preggers). And I have much more energy and no more pain in my ovarian region. It's been wonderful.


  1. Awesome news Manni!! Glad you're feeling better and that your FET is quickly approaching!