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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've been asked by several people what medications I'm on post-FET. The answer is that it's pretty much the same as before the FET (although no shots!). Specifically:

Vivelle (ERT; 4 patches) -- changed every other day
Estrace (pill - 2 mcg) -- inserted vaginally 2x per day
Prometrium (200mg) -- inserted vaginally 3x per day (I had to swap this for the Endometrin as my insurance wouldn't cover the Endo only the Prom. The change wasn't a big deal--CCRM prescribes either for progesterone support for FET).
Vitamin D supplement -- one per night
Prenatal vitamins -- one per night
Baby aspirin -- one per night
Synthroid (25 mcg) -- one per morning

The biggest inconvenience is the prometrium. I need to lay down for 1/2 hour after inserting it. In the morning and before bed that's not a big deal. But the mid-day one can be a bit tricky. I'm lucky in that I've been working from home a lot so I can lay down. But on days when I'm in the office that's more difficult. So what I do on those days is just insert it as soon as I get home from work (around 5PM) then insert my nighttime one around 11PM. Otherwise all the meds aren't a big deal. I take one pill in the AM, a handful at night before bed. I keep them all in a Days of the Week pillbox on my night table. The pillbox is one of my best friends during this process as it's easy to forget whether I took the pill or not each day. I'm thinking of doing a second pillbox in the bathroom for the Estrace and Prometrium as I imagine now that I'm back in town and have to go into the office several times this week, it may help make sure I don't forget any doses.

I'll be on these meds until the beta on Friday. If we get our BFP, I'll be monitored with weekly blood draws and gradually weaned off the hormone support (the patches, estrace, and prometrium) over a 12 week period.

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